Moodle Quiz / Moodle小テスト(Actions on Google, Alexa Skill)

Demonstration version of App for attempting quizzes in a Moodle course.
Moodle上の小テストを受験することができます。 Demoバージョンです。

Actions on Google:  

Amazon Alexa skill :

日本語:         English:

How to invoke: say "OK Google, talk to Moodle Quiz" to your Google Home or Google Assistant app.
If you are using Amazon Echo, enable Moodle Quiz Skill (currently only for US and AU) and say "Alexa, open Moodle Quiz" to your Amazon Echo.
This version works only for a demo Moodle course as a fixed user login.

起動方法: Google Home や Googleアシスタントアプリには「OK Google, Moodle小テストにつないで」と言ってください。
Amazon Echo については、「Moodle小テスト」スキルを有効にしてから、「アレクサ、Moodle小テストを開いて」と言ってください。

The demo Moodle course is found at . You can login the Moodle course, but the user account on the Moodle course is not linked to Google Home account. This was created using Dialogflow. The webhook uses Moodle web service API.
My poster about a VUI with moodle including this prototype was presented at CSEDU2018 .

Your feedback to improve this prototype is welcome.

KITA Toshihiro